One of the ways that you can help improve the success of your e-commerce store is to take some lessons and queues from some of the top competition in your space. They’re excellent for several reasons and learning what those are and how you can apply it will only help you succeed. I’m going to analyze some of the top stores with three top insights from each of them.

Now what’s not said here is how you can innovate and change the game. Looking at what the best do to make them the best is a good way to improve yourself but to be the best you need to innovate. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment!

So without any further ado

3. Gymshark

Gymshark is a fitness apparel and accessories brand. They manufacture their products and their based in the UK. They have an extremely popular social media presence (with almost 3M instagram followers and just over 200K Twitter followers).

The brand was started in 2012 by a teenager and a group of his friends as a screen printing operating in a garage.

Insight 1 - Clean Modern and Visual
Everything from their product to their store is clean, modern and looks aesthetically pleasing. They use an excellent balance of simple to understand verbiage combined with elegant design.

Insight 2 - Social Media Presence, everywhere
They’re using their social media prowess to sell their products. On the bottom of their pages is pictures of their followers wearing their gear and once you click on it they lead you to the product page. Get interested, find product, buy. Simple, easy.

Insight 3 - Fair Prices, Quality Product
The product isn’t over or underpriced. It’s high quality but not particularly innovative. Nobody is going to scoff at $20 for a t-shirt

2. WP Standard

A Leather and Apparel brand that stands up for quality and simplicity. They make high quality goods and don’t shy away from the prices that go along with it.

Insight 1 - Visual and Photographic
Their website reads almost like that of an artist, and that’s what this company is (at heart). High quality images in settings intended to inflict feeling helps make you “want” the products that they offer.

Insight 2 - Cultivating the “feeling”
The imagery and products are set to portray a mood and cultivate a feeling about the products that they sell. They want you to feel a certain way by utilizing their brand. Similar to how high end cars make you feel like you’re a “luxury person” they want to cultivate that feeling and they do it extremely well.

Insight 3 - Variety but Niche
The trend that you need to sell everything is flat out wrong in today’s world. Carving out a niche is not only a good thing, I’d argue it’s a necessary step in order to compete with the bigwigs. If you can offer products that they simply can’t match, you’re coming out ahead. If what you offer is cheaper, more available and ships faster elsewhere you’ll eventually be defeated.

1 . Opus Grow

Opus Grow was the winner of the 2016 Shopify Design award. The family owned company has been around since the 1930s and is a prime example of how a Brick and Mortar style store can transition successfully in to the Online E-Commerce space.

Insight 1 - Interesting Design
Their design is simply put, unique. Ultimately they’re selling soil but they jazzed it up just enough to make it fun. They also use clever names to add to the allure.

Insight 2 - Imagery that set’s a “feeling”
They make use of high quality images and videos to cultivate the elusive “feeling” you get when you do an activity you enjoy. Showing you bright sunny images and videos of plants growing in beautifully is an excellent way to try and sell a vision, not just a product.

Insight 3 - Making use of content marketing
Content marketing is a great way to show that you’re a thought leader in your space. Sharing knowledge or how to’s is a way to drive traffic to your website and keep your customers coming back (even if it is just to read an article). You want to be the source of truth and knowledge in your niche.

Summary and Final Insights

We’ve covered a lot of information here and I hope you’re able to spot the trend of what I’m ultimately getting at.

Consumers are buying on “feeling” now more than ever. Online shopping reduced the barrier of going to a physical store to purchase an items and if you can cultivate a look or feeling with your website and products then you’ll be able to use that to help increase your brands effectiveness and reach.

Ensure that everything top down from your website design to your packaging to your emails are high quality and go after this feeling or look.

Past that, it’s important to look at the options you have in front of you to drive additional business to your online shop. Advertise in your physical store (if you have one), constantly post interesting and unique articles that show you’re a thought leader in your space and perhaps most importantly build or source a product that people will feel good about. Nothing sours a business relationship more than low quality goods.