That's a great question. The stat's may surprise you.

Intuitively we all know that good reviews allow your customers to trust you more and help you get more sales. The all important question remains though how much does it matter?

The short answer? A Game Changing Amount.

  • A whopping 60% of consumers say that negative reviews make them not want to use that business1
  • Online reviews impact 67.7% of respondents' purchasing decisions
  • 33% of your potential customers will flat out skip your business if you don't have more than a 4-star rating

Now those are a couple of scary statistics but I hope it helps to illustrate just how important cultivating and maintaining a strong online reputation is.

In the "old days", before the internet boom, people relied on professional publications such as Consumer Reports, personal recommendations and advertisements to find the products and services they wanted and needed. However the world has changed dramatically since then. Business in the modern world, and especially e-commerce business needs to rely heavily on something to form trust between merchant and consumer. You're fighting for every second of someone's attention and grasping it is the key to unlocking revenue. Through my research and extensive experience with E-Commerce projects (some successful, some not), my biggest insight is two fold:

  1. Without a high reputation you will fail
  2. If you pro-actively reach out to your customers at the right time you can increase the rate conversion from first time to devoted customers (which are the most important to your business)

So we've established that reviews are important and that developing trust requires a high reputation and timely communication. How do you go about doing that?

Some Tips and Tricks

Ask your best customers to review you, and ask for honesty. They'll give you the best chance of getting positive ratings and engaging with them, asking for their opinion is a great way to keep them happy. If there are real concerns that come out of this (negative reviews or pieces) take that feedback seriously, reach out and rectify the situation.

Actually reply, by hand and not with robots, to all negative reviews and reviews that contain negative content. Then randomly select positive reviews to reply to. It's been proven that replying to reviews positively impacts your SEO.

Prioritize Google. When a buyer inevitably searches for your business, your high ratings will show up there first. And we all know that first impressions last.

How can we help?

We know there is a lot of information to digest here and it's challenging to not only identify who your best customers are but to proactively reach out in a timely fashion. That's where Reputate can help.

We automatically reach out to your customers based on 8 different, and completely customizable, triggers. We also include a review flow that helps drive any email you send from our platform to the review sites of your choosing.