I'm pleased to announce that our Integration with Wordpress and WooCommerce has been successfully completed and the development team is wrapping up their tests.

The plugin will automatically collect key information from your customers orders and allow you to automatically trigger off of several variables (such as order amount, frequency, etc) in the background, 24/7.

It'll be available on our Github Account: https://github.com/reputate/reputate_wordpress

In order to use it, you'll need to do the following

  1. Log into your dashboard
  2. Click the settings icon (the gear on the bottom left)
  3. Click on the Integrations tab
  4. Under the WooCommerce Card click the "Generate Keys" button
  5. A Code and a Key will show up, if you navigate away from this page the key will be obfuscated
  6. Go into your Wordpress Admin Dashboard
  7. Install the plugin by searching for "Reputate"
  8. Active the plugin
  9. Under settings, click Reputate.io
  10. Update the Code and the Key field with the fields you generated from the Reputate Dashboard
  11. Click Test Connection
  12. If all goes well then you're connected and done!

As always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. We're excited to have more WooCommerce users on the Reputate platform!